The Sun Maker Totem The Sun Maker’s grandfather and great-grandparents moved to the west coast, originally from the Cherokee territories. He enjoys the benefit of living in a family of three generations of artists and sculptors.

His themes deal with celestial forces, organic images and iconic symbols from experiences through his travels; The masterworks of the monumental and mythical history of the Pacific Northwest and it’s coastal native peoples, and the art and culture of the Polynesian people of Tahiti, and traveling to Europe to see the old world art of the European image makers. Being a third generation sculptor he respects traditional values, working in classical mediums such as bronze, stone, wood. Through these mediums he freely expresses his ideas in the style of a classical and sometimes impressionist form.

This artist regularly is commissioned for house totems, memorial totems, family totems, healing totems and story poles. Many of these artworks are by his customers incorporated into the architectural features of their homes. “I enjoy speaking with people about the stories and legends of their lives, and the lives of their families. Working with the clients’ idea and helping design iconic symbols to represent important people, supernatural deeds, or milestone events of someone’s family, organization or institution challenges my ability to see something outside myself and express Your idea as you see it in a monumental way.”

The Sun Maker Sailing “I’ve lived in the Pacific northwest for thirty years and have traveled the inland passage north to Alaska . I’ve fished throughout Alaska and draw great strength and confidence from the people and culture. The symbolism in their art strikes a resonance inside of me, a connection with the earth of America. So I find myself in the northwest, fertile ground of mythological information, and am compelled to carve totem, these large pieces of ancient cedar wood that I hunt for and in many occasions reclaim are shards of a passing time. The large totem for the house of the human beings could easily be a sliver off of an ancient tree in the Frasier valley with an age approximately 2000 to 5000 years old. When I discover a piece of material such as this, I can think of no greater work to be represented than the local energies and spirits. Through this guidance from the ancestors, I believe is the reason why I carve totem.”

The Sun Maker can help you realize your artistic dreams, maybe carved as a Cedar Totem pole or a beautiful relief carved panel for your home or office.